Get Involved

Get Involved

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Please join us.

At the KU Life Span Institute, we welcome your participation in our research mission. Our work likely touches some part of your life, whether you have a family member with an intellectual disability, a friend struggling with addiction, or you believe that every child deserves a safe and healthy childhood. We are home to investigators researching ways to improve the quality of life for people with developmental and physical disabilities. We seek to understand the neurobiology of autism spectrum disorder and create tools to improve community wellness and development. Our research strives to improve educational outcomes for all children, informs health policy, and seeks solutions to reduce violence among youth. In addition to this internationally-renowned research program, thousands of people benefit from the direct services, training and consultations provided by the KU Life Span Institute and its research centers.

Become a Friend of the Life Span Institute

We invite you to become a member of the Life Span Institute by making a gift. Contributions of any size provide vital assistance to our laboratories, graduate students, research programs and community outreach. Annual gifts totaling $1000 or more qualify you for membership in the Schiefelbusch Circle and offer exclusive benefits. Give now, or learn more about what your gift can do at the Life Span Institute.

Participate in our Research

Every day, our investigators conduct research that has the potential to change people’s lives. Often we seek volunteers for those research programs. Some children and adults who volunteer may have specific conditions, while others volunteer to serve as controls, or people who don’t have those conditions. We seek a variety of participants across age, gender, disability, race and other criteria. 

We are so grateful to have families share their experiences, time, and knowledge with us. Explore studies that are recruiting volunteers.  

Attend an event offered by the Life Span Institute

Throughout the year, we offer talks, seminars and other public events on topics such as autism spectrum disorder, maternal and child health, disabilities, community development, addiction and more. We’re also in the community with addiction treatment programs, outreach programs and education and advocacy organizations.