Joe Spradlin rides again

Joe Spradlin rides again

Karen Salisbury Henry

Joseph (Joe) Spradlin, emeritus professor of Applied Behavioral Science, who served the Bureau of Child Research and later the Life Span Institute for more than 50 years, including as the director of the Parsons LSI, was called the “conscience of the Bureau” by his colleagues.

That conscience has apparently inspired his leisure pursuits as well and he will once again be riding 150 miles for Bike MS, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s major fundraising event beginning on September 19.

He has ridden for MS many times before. He says he does it because he has a sister, a niece and several friends with the disease and that he’s seen how research has led to the creation of medications that have greatly slowed the disease for those who were diagnosed and treated more recently.

He is not letting the fact that he broke his left arm when he fell from his bike on June 25 stop him from participating in the event. And he’s not letting age stop him.

At 86 he is the oldest rider in the Kansas City Bike MS. His goal is to raise $7000 to beat his last year’s donation total of $6865.

He says this may be his last year to ride the rolling hills of eastern Kansas for MS, but then he’s said that before.