Wayne Sailor, Ph.D.

Wayne Sailor, Ph.D.

Wayne Sailor

Wayne Sailor has been researching methods of school and family community integration on the behalf of children with disabilities for several decades. As an expert in using the combined strength of families and schools to further child development, Dr. Sailor has created, studied, and improved methodologies to empower children with disabilities, their families, and service providers. A distinguished scholar, teacher, and scientist, Dr. Sailor is dedicated to sharing his expertise to those entering the field of disability.

Investigator, The SWIFT (Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation) Education Center,
The SWIFT (Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation) Education Center

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Kansas
M.A., Psychology, University of Kansas
B.A., Psychology, University of California

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1122 West Campus Road
208 Wakarusa Research Facility
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-3101



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