Ruaa Hassaballa

Ruaa Hassaballa

Ruaa Hassaballa

Ruaa is a Graduate Research Assistant at the KU Center for Community Health and Development. She has a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. A health justice-oriented individual in the public health and applied behavioral science fields, she’s interested in transforming environments and conditions to assure health for all. With five years working in hospitals and research, including public health experiences in the UK, Sudan, Kenya, and various US cities including New York, Seattle, Kansas City, and Atlanta, she’s interested in improving the quality of health at the local, national and international levels. In 2017, she was named the American Public Health Association Council of Affiliates Outstanding Student of the Year. Before joining the Life Span Institute, she worked as Association Manager of the Kansas Public Health Association. Her diverse training background solidifies her desire to work toward equitable, inclusive and sustainable solutions to public health challenges. As a graduate research assistant, she provides technical assistance, quality assurance of data, and training for community-based organizations. Currently, she’s a doctoral student in behavioral psychology in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at KU, advised by Dr. Vincent Francisco. She hopes to use applied behavioral methodology as a base to approach socially significant problems, with special attention to behavior-environment relationships.

GRA, Center for Community Health and Development,
Graduate Research Assistant,

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Center for Community Health and Development
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