Project Development

Project Development

The LSI Project Development (PD) team facilitates the grant proposal and reporting process for external research funding in the areas of human development, education, and health. If you plan to submit a sponsored project through LSI, the pre-proposal or proposal must be reviewed, approved, and submitted by the LSI PD team. This includes all proposals and any pre-proposals that include budget information or contractual language, or that require institutional approval. Review is required to ensure that proposed budgets are accurate and that the proposed scope of work is in compliance with applicable federal regulations governing sponsored projects, university policies, and funding agency guidelines. LSI PD provides a number of services, including:

  • Preparing proposal budgets and budget justifications
  • Reviewing proposals for compliance with federal, state, university, and funding agency guidelines
  • Populating proposal application forms
  • Compiling and submitting proposals and reports via our internal system, online agency portals, email, and FedEx
  • Serving as a liaison for investigators with KUCR and funding agencies

Contact us at for assistance with grant proposals, budget preparation, letters of intent, contract execution, annual and final grant reporting, no-cost extensions, and non-automatic PI status designation.

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Jessica Black-Magnussen
Associate Director of Project Development
Phone: 785-864-0597

Basgall_a_3.jpgAshly LoBurgio Basgall
Grant Coordinator
Phone: 785-864-1282

Diana Borodina
Grant Coordinator
Phone: 785-864-6677

Jeanette Spencer
Grant Coordinator
Phone: 785-864-0743