Kansas Alternative Finance Program--K-Loan

Kansas Alternative Finance Program--K-Loan

The Assistive Technology for Kansans project (ATK), coordinated by the University of Kansas at Parsons, and its non-profit partner, Southeast Kansas Center on Independent Living) operate a financial loan program for the purchase of assistive technology devices and services necessary for independence, inclusion, learning, and employment. The program is called K-Loan and is directed by persons with disabilities. K-Loan provides the financial guarantee necessary for personal financing of devices such as adapted vehicles, communication devices, hearing and vision aids, powered wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility aids. Funding received in FY 2003 from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Alternative Financing Mechanisms Program (CFDA 84.224C) provided the funds necessary for this program to continue and supports the expansion of financing options. Program development activities include reviewing and implementing additional financing options that would result in increased consumer choice and control. The K-Loan Advisory Board reviews financing options for the Alternative Finance Program. The FY 2000 and 2003 AFP loan programs offered consumers access to a low-interest loan fund, a revolving loan fund, and a loan guarantee or insurance program. The program continues today to operate a loan program due to the repayment of funds loaned previously. Dissemination and Outreach efforts for the Alternative Finance programs will include public service announcements, media campaigns, informational booths at state and regional meetings, direct mailings, articles in newsletters, and presentations made to disability and non-disability groups. Assistive Technology providers and Durable Medical Equipment vendors are involved in media outreach efforts and will be included in public awareness efforts. Data regarding applicant characteristics, device selection, impact of access to technology, and employment outcomes is collected and shared with the national database. Information and outcomes are shared with policymakers.

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Sara Sack, PhD
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