Missouri Post-Secondary Success Project

Missouri Post-Secondary Success Project

Project staff will expand and maintain a project website, www.MissouriPSS.org. One focus of this website is to provide open access resources on the college and career competencies and easy-to-use instructional practices that support competency development. Second, the website will house online exploration training. A third focus of the website is to archive all training materials (e.g., presentations, handouts, activities, videos) and action plans to ensure that interdisciplinary teams receive technical assistance and support in a timely manner. This will allow the interdisciplinary teams and DESE staff to have continual access to all training content. The website will be used to track the implementation of the Missouri Post-Secondary Success competencies and framework within schools. Evaluation data archived on this site will inform the Annual Evaluation Report.

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Pattie Noonan 
Assistant Research Professor, Special Education 
Dole Human Development Center, 1000 Sunnyside Ave., Rm 3099

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