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Communication Complexity Scale

The Communication Complexity Scale (CCS), developed at the University of Kansas, is an assessment that focuses on individuals' abilities in communication who speak or sign very few words.

The CCS consists of activities set up as a time to play games and complete activities with the assessment staff. The staff tries to elicit different types of communication from the participant to assess his or her language, vocabulary and communication skills during these activities. The project is seeking both children and adults (ages 3-60) to participate in the assessment to help validate the CCS so it can be used worldwide.

Participation would include a one-time visit by a staff member with the participant at a school, home or another appropriate location. The participant’s primary caregiver would also complete a set of questionnaires in person or over the phone with a staff member. For helping the project improve the CCS, participants' caregivers will be offered a report on the types of communication the participant uses based on both the CCS and caregiver questionnaires. Participants will also be compensated $50.

Participants should be:

1. Individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities, including autism
2. Individuals having 0-20 functional words using speech, PECS, ASL or other communication modalities
3. Individuals able to use their hands and arms to complete activities
4. Individuals who use English as a first language


Contact: Julie Evnen, MSW, 785 864-1573

KAWSTORY (Kindergarten Children Acquiring Words through STORYbook Reading)

Does your child have trouble learning new words? We are looking for kindergarten children who have trouble learning or remembering new words. Our research program offers a treatment aimed at teaching new words to kindergarteners 
through storybook reading.

Children should:

1. Be native English speakers
2. Have no neurological disability such as ADHD or autism
3. Display difficulty with language in areas such as telling stories, understanding basic directions and/or learning new words.

More at website:

Contact: Rouzana Komesidou
Project Coordinator