New Investigators and Research Staff Orientation

New Investigators and Research Staff Orientation

Welcome to the Life Span Institute (LSI) at the University of Kansas, one of the oldest and largest of the designated KU research institutes with a proud history of scientific innovation that underpinned societal gains for people with intellectual and physical disabilities, children, families and communities disadvantaged by poverty since 1956.

The LSI is also known by its full, formal designation as the Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies and before that, as the Bureau of Child Research.

The stability and growth of the LSI, now with 14 affiliated centers on four KU campuses and in Lima, Peru, is due in large part to its leadership.

More than 120 research projects are conducted by 150 affiliated researchers from more than 20 different academic departments.

The Life Span Institute supports affiliated investigators from project inception through final delivery with the resources and services of the six units project development, finance and planning, research design and analysis, communications, central office and information technology.

First things first:

Familiarize yourself with how the LSI supports investigators at the Investigator and Staff Resource and Services page.

Get on the LSI email distribution list by contacting Hilary Casey.

Know that you can search Projects, People and News.

Familiarize yourself with the LSI proposal process at Project Development.