Research at the Life Span Institute

Research in action

Most of the easy problems in the behavioral and the biological sciences have been solved. Today the important problems are increasingly found and solved at the intersection of many disciplines. The Life Span Institute stands at such a convergence.

At the Life Span Institute we know that our mission — to develop knowledge about human and community development, disabilities, and aging — can only be achieved by problem-driven collaborations across many disciplines.

Life Span Institute Affiliated Projects

The work of the Life Span Institute, research, service, training and technical assistance, is accomplished by affiliated Center researchers through projects funded by competitive federal, state, and private grants and contracts. Project Directory

Life Span Institute Affiliated Investigators

The Life Span Institute brings together scientists who are affiliated with several academic departments and disciplines to collaboratively take on problems in human development and health at the intersections of science.  Investigator Directory

Investigator Spotlight


Joining the Life Span Institute in 2015, neuroscientist and psychologist Matthew Mosconi is focusing on the development of characteristic behavioral and cognitive issues in ASD and the brain mechanisms behind them.

Project Spotlight

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The Class-Wide Function-related Intervention Teams (CW-FIT) project is a research-based classroom management system that has been successfully implemented in culturally diverse classrooms in Missouri, Tennessee and Utah.

Center Spotlight


Helping the world change itself is the vision of the Center for Community Health and Development. Its name suggests its grass roots idealism, but its reputation is built on scientific evidence about how communities create conditions that promote health.